WaterCheck & Your Water

2 App with one mechanic but different variation of interface. Those apps help to track your daily norm of a consumed liquid. Those apps especially helpful for people who are losing weight or engaged in fitness.

First place in top “Health and Fitness”.

Apple recommended those apps as the best apps in fitness category in Russia and UK. Also those apps were entered into special featured apps for Apple Watch.

Нескучный счетчик

When we prepared to development of this app we have considered other apps of water control in App Store. All of those apps have same disadvantage - to note the value of consumed liquid is very boring. So we decided to solve this problem and we created graphic water counter WaterCheck. Then we implemented it in form of minimalistic interface of YourWater.

Smart counter for smart watches

WaterCheck and Your Water are first apps with full support of Apple Watch. Those apps were 3 times in special features apps of Apple in Russia and UK. Also those apps were entered into special featured apps for Apple Watch.

Apps include:

  • Choose your daily value of a consumed liquid.
  • Flexible notification system.
  • Easy, intuitive and playful interface.
  • Controlled by gestures.
  • Control WaterCheck with Today Widget! To install go to Today area then scroll down and tap “Edit” button.
  • Turn your device horizontally to see Progress Graph.


Apps are localized in Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French.

We created simple but very effective tool for your health with bright graphic interface. Enjoy of using this app.

Customer's reviews


This app is how all other apps should be. It’s beautifully designed and coded. It is great tool to keep hydrated, in both fun and interactive ways. Highly recommened. Kudos to you!


Купил приложение из-за: 1) Простота использования. Только 1 тип жидкости, зачем мне кофе, чай, алкоголь? Я знаю, что пью три чашки кофе в день, просто добавляю в общую норму воды в день на литр больше. Не нужно быть задротом. 2) Виджет, позволяет не тратить время на запуск приложения. Опять же — меньше задротства.

Your Water

Безумно красивое приложение! А ведь еще простое и при этом полезное. Побольше бы таких приложений.

Your Water

A very neatly polished app to get on the iPad. Attention given to minute detail as well....very good app that reminds you to drink water to the set regular intervals....

Your Water
STANISLAV A.K.:16.06.2015

Отличное приложение! Лучшее в своем роде, все просто и понятно! iPhone 5s. Надеюсь разработчики не забросят данное приложение.

The project was made by

  • Ivan Bolshov
  • Anton Nesterov
  • Vadik Matveev
  • Anton Nesterov
  • Ilya Myasoedov
  • Alexander Pryanichnikov

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