Kto tut?

The present-days educational app for kids from 1.5 to 4 years old. This app based on method of Glenn Doman. App introduces kids with world of animals, develops logic, memory and prepare kids to reading. This app was implemented for iOS and Android.


The base of app is old system of cards that we all knows since our childhood. But now those cards have music and animation.

Key features

Kid can find about 1 hundred animals in the app: from popular to exotic

  • Qualitative photos of animals
  • Sounds of animals
  • Speaker
  • educational quiz - who is it?

Carefully chosen photos, easy and intuitive interface, sounds of animals and nice voice of speaker - all of that helps to developing of kid’s memory and speech. Take a wonderful trip to world of animal!

The project was made by

  • Ivan Bolshov
  • Anton Nesterov
  • Anton Nesterov
  • Ilya Myasoedov
  • Alexander Pryanichnikov
  • Vitaly Polyakov

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