App for recruitment webportal. The key feature of project is to have not only the area for the employees, but also the employer's office.Using webportal via app became easily than via browser of mobile device


There are a lot of websites for search jobs and employees. Many of them have own mobile app but almost all of them have limited functions. Our goal was bring of all functions of JobFine service to the app and excluding of the need to use website. Also we should developed app that work fast

More than 50 screens

More than 50 screens were developed to realise all functions of JobFine webportal. Many functions were simplified and customized to user convenience

The key functions

  • Advanced search
  • Profile of user with management of CV or vacancy
  • Applicants could contact with employer without extra steps
  • The employer's office — the unique function between job search apps

Convenient search and adding CV

There are 2 type of CV: classical and CV-business-card (with minimal number of fields). CV function were organise according to principal of choosing value. That minimize necessary to enter text using mobile keyboard. Search among CV and vacancies allows to find Job or employee as fast as it possible!

App for iOS and Android

For JobFine were developed native apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. Each version of app takes into consideration features of platform.

The project was made by

  • Ivan Bolshov
  • Anton Nesterov
  • Vadik Matveev
  • Denis Demyanko
  • Vitaly Polyakov

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