Social network with georeferencing. The application allows you to create rooms for communication with a certain radius, make them private, and also to maintain personal correspondence.

Grooptag – location based messenger

The Grooptag style is based on minimalism, strictness of color and graphics solutions. The sign represents a symbol G, stylized as a pin.


The messengers have become an integral part of the life users. It's not surprising - now you can contact a person who is in any part of the world when he wants. However, almost messengers based on the idea that the user communicates with people who already familiar to him.

The basic idea of Grooptag is the ability to communicate people in local groups. Unlike most messengers, Grooptag allows you to communicate with strangers, not just those who already have contacts.

Rooms nearby

Find interesting rooms where you are. Until new acquaintances, only one step!

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Create your room

Create your rooms, setup a radius and privacy.

The project was made by

  • Ivan Bolshov
  • Shulman Alexandra
  • Podnebesnaya Alisa
  • Nesterov Anton
  • Molokov Dmitriy
  • Aksenov Nikolay
  • Postnov Pavel
  • Stepanchenko Nikolay

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