Digital habits tracker with integrated strong motivation system. WillPower is a flexible yet a strong tool that helps you take control over your digital habits and lets you focus on important personal and business matters when you'd prefer not to be distracted


  • Instant timer. Blocks the phone in the way you customize
  • Apps usage limits
  • Usage monitoring
  • Create and customize user profiles


Strong motivation based onin-app currency spend. Every user will get some free currency (Initial balance + Facebook users + Early adopters) Besides, users will have the opportunity to refill the balance by watching rewarded video ads and later sharing their in-app achievements. In-app purchases will be also available.

The project was made by

  • Ivan Bolshov
  • Shulman Alexandra
  • Fidyanina Alisa
  • Ivan Kupalov
  • Sergey Usachev

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