Diary of Tobolov's nutrition

Mobile application for maintaining proper nutrition and excellent shape. Allows you to set up a daily meal plan and follow it. Of the features - fine tuning and fixing BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) in foods, recipes and activities. The application contains author's recipes, rations and recommendations.

Healthy food without extreme

Tobolov's diet is targeted specifically at healthy eating unlike many food diaries and diet trackers. The application is configured according to user data, its activities and goals.

A convenient dashboard makes it easy to monitor daily progress, all the necessary data are organized within a single screen. Preservation of photos and personal information for each day - increases motivation.

Integration with Apple Health

The activity data is transferred to the application and is considered in the general norm. When you add activity data from the application, it syncs with Apple Health.

The application contains:

  • Selecting a goal and adjusting the calorie rate by personal parameters
  • Flexible reminder system
  • Intuitive interface — nothing extra
  • Author's recipes with instructions for cooking
  • Constantly updated product database
  • Rations for a specific purpose. Allow to form a daily nutrition plan


The application fully works on the iPhone and iPad

Application Information Logic

The project was made by

  • Ivan Bolshov
  • Anton Nesterov
  • Dmitriy Molokov
  • Nikolay Aksenov
  • Imhoisili Otokhagua

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