Design studio “Logomotiv” was founded to help companies to use effectivly design in their growth

We work in design about 12 years. Three last years we develop our apps that several times were added to the top of the best apps of App Store. More than half a million users from different countries love our apps.

We use iterative approach and we do not give a promise that we cannot fulfill

12years design experience
3years apps development
500users of our apps

How we create apps

1Task statement

We consider detailes of clint’s business, determine the problem and aim of app.

Then we coordinate list of app features and iterations that could be in the project.


Examining of analogues and characteristics of the target audience.

Development of the structure and mechanic of app. Then we create prototype.


Creating of the art conception of app

Detailed work with all screens, elements and stages.

Statement of task to technical department
Technical implementation

Testing app using different devices and versions of systems.

Checking and correction bugs.


Creating pictures to launch app: icons, screenshots, promo-page.



This stage depends of app’s aim and agreement with client.

The most common - marketing and work with next iteration.

Iterative approach

Collecting baseline data and formulating functions of app, we offer to include only the minimum necessary functions to run a viable part of the product in first cycle of development.

This approach can significantly reduce the risks on the client side because first data about the effectiveness of the app may be obtained before other functions will be realized.

Why you should choose us?

  • We promptly come to a decision and realize our project fast.
  • Great experience of graphic design
  • Three years of mobile development of our own projects
  • We develop technical, smart and stylish native apps that closely connected with defined mobile platform.
  • Carefully work with User Interface and User Experience.
  • Design apps using guidelines of mobile platform
  • Apple love us
  • Separate UI for mobile devices and tablets
  • Testing alpha and beta versions into the company
  • Qualification preparing projects of customers. Supporting and marketing
  • We produce all advertising materials from banners to videos into the studio
  • Due to experience of graphic design and branding we clearly understand aims of brands and help to achieve them.

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