Tycoon life simulator, where players get the feeling of all the advantages and pain points of being a typical businessman. The game mechanics allow to develop businesses in various industries, acquire property and luxury assets, hire workforce and invest in friends' businesses.


  • Several cities for the development of business
  • Hiring managers for automation of production
  • Luxury cars, entertainment facilities, yachts and another properties for enjoy
  • Treasures from the bosom of your Homestead accompanies a successful tycoon


Tapitalism gives you a unique opportunity to grow from an entrepreneur to a moneybag. Open new venues step by step and make a fortune getting started with a hot-dog trailer and acquiring motobusinesses, sport teams, entertainment facilities, etc.

The project was made by

Game Designer
  • Dmitriy Musin
  • Ivan Bolshov
  • Svetlana Vertegova
  • Konstantin Kolmakov
  • Daria Musina
  • Kirill Koshurnikov
  • Alexandr Malina
  • Evgeniy Rodikov

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